Rajnikanth Love

We are sufficiently chuffed about Japan’s love for our Thalaiva. So spotting “Rajinikanth” among master calligrapher Eri Takasae’s collection of names in Japanese can only lead to one thing: spontaneous dhapan koothu.

Featured here: customisable calligraphy design based on “Life” with extended line to allow for a person’s name

Indian staples like Rahul, Keshav and Veena show up in her warehouse of art prints and tattoo designs. But in her Rajinikanth series, her art lends poise and a meditative appeal to rabid declarations like ‘Rajinikanth is my Love’, ‘Rajinikanth is my Life’ and ‘Rajinikath is my Soulmate’.

Story by curryocity contributor Vyshnavi N Doss

Buy your hiragana or katakana prints here
Photo from http://www.enthiran.net

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