Passing Clouds

by curryocity contributor Girish Kalyanaraman
Photo and copyright: Jaik Photography

Ashwin could not believe what was happening, as he sat on his cozy armchair at home watching TV. The unprecedented destruction unfolding in Uttarakhand was heart breaking. The death toll was well into triple figures now, and climbing by the day, easily making this India’s biggest disaster since the much-remembered 26/11 terror attacks. Ashwin shuddered as he tried to imagine the plight of the families that were being interviewed on TV who had a son or a mother missing for more than a week and had no way to travel to the scene of the calamity. The reporter was saying that an estimated 7,000 people were still officially missing, and transferred it back to the studio, signing off with a word of cautious hope.

Hypocrites, he thought. Every single news channel would shout its throat hoarse about the issue for a week, and they would all fall over each other to be the first messenger of doom. Politicians would “strongly condemn the carelessness of the ruling party” and other important personalities would “express their condolences”. And then a week later, everyone would move on, back to the usual suspects like Katrina Kaif’s alleged romantic affairs or Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of a south Indian in his upcoming film. Bastards.

Interrupting his thoughts, Sriram burst into the room with his iPad, hardly able to contain his excitement.
“Dei! Keep Star Cricket da, Dhoni is still not out, and we now need only 27 off the last 4 overs, with 2 wickets in hand”, he exclaimed, evidently thrilled at the Indian Cricket captain’s tenacity in a tough situation yet again.
Ashwin quickly switched channels, and crossed his fingers.
27 runs off 4 overs seemed very gettable…

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