Fabric Sculptures by Pallavi Sen

Story by curryocity contributor Vyshnavi N Doss

If you have a weakness for colours and patterns, you’ll love Pallavi Sen’s dazzling technicolour fabric sculptures. Here are some images from her ‘Circus, Circus’ series.



“Before I decided to wear my sculptures, they were big, bulbous squares of cloth, stuffed and embellished. Over a winter, I went back home to India and found all this very shiny, fabulous cloth and decided that I wanted to do something a little more theatrical. My friend Eric and I, wrapped these sewn shapes around ourselves and added whatever else we could find: a kimono, tassels  cloth birds, bangles and ribbons. I was learning how to sew and to make pom-poms while also discovering sculpture and so here is the very first time, that I started to combine all the things I love.”

She has a lot more going on over on her website, and you can purchase some of her graphic designs at society6 

Images: pallavi-sen.com

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