A few hours

By curryocity contributor Girish Kalyanaraman

“A few hours” did not feel like a particularly long time. The damage was irreparable, the doctors had said.

Lavanya looked around, and saw a crestfallen, weeping family. The sound of their desperate wails was not the background score she wanted for her last few hours alive.

Suddenly, she knew it. She wanted him there, by her side. The one she had loved every single day for the last 10 of her 30 years on the planet. It would be the perfect crescendo.

She asked everyone to leave the room, and told them she just wanted to be alone with him.

Half a moment after everyone had reluctantly pulled out of the room, she slowly lifted her right hand, hurriedly reached out for him, savoring the moment as she lit him up, put him between her lips, and took a long, long breath.

Oh how she had missed him. God bless him. So what if he had been killing her all along.

As she breathed him in again, in orgasmic poetry, “a few hours” felt like a needless luxury to her, as she happily exhaled her life ou­t.

Image from Nastygal

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