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Painted mud mural classroom

yusuke asai covers a classroom in maharashtra with a painted mud mural
(above) ‘sprouting life in the forest-fatherly tree, motherly mountain’
soil, water, acrylic paint / 780cm x 650cm x 300cm (all walls and ceiling of a classroom)


A bright blue hue serves as the background for the bronze-colored paints applied to the walls. various motifs and symbols from animals to people are abstractly illustrated in whimsical and dramatic compositions throughout the space. the students will see the process of the artists at the school where they study, bringing them closer to creativity and their community. the annual event is co-organized by the japan foundation which aims to form bonds between india and japan and art by supporting and nurturing cross cultural exchange.

children stand in their newly painted classroom

Photo, story and copyright designboom

Mughal Queen Playing Card

A beauteous adaptation of the ‘Queen’ playing card in vintage hues.

India Circus’ Neo-Nawab collection resurrects India’s golden dynasty and brings to you an enigmatic collection replete with strong Indian motifs. The collection references various emblems of the pre-historic era , such as its world renown intricate architecture, as well as it’s unapologetic opulence. The collection’s bright and vibrant luxury is tamed by its regal and sophisticated royal etiquette with abundance of glorious India.



Cow Parade is the largest public art event in the world. It is an international public art exhibit that has been featured in major cities all over the world. Each Cow Parade features spectacularly designed life-sized fiberglass sculptures of cows that have been decorated by professional and amateur artists from the host city.

The famed Cow Parade event is all about offering public access to thought-provoking, stimulating art in an urban environment. The cows are distributed over the city centre in public places such as train stations, important avenues, and parks of the host city

The first Cow Parade event was held in Zurich in 1998, and since then over 70 destinations such as Paris, Tokyo, London and New York have participated on all continents with over 6,000 artists and 5,000 cows. Now the artistic endeavours of the life-sized Cow Parade are available in a series of miniature, highly collectible sculptures.

This collection features hand-painted replicas of the cows that have participated in the Cow Parade events around the world. Each Cow Parade cow has its own story to tell and makes a Cow Parade cow a wonderful gift to give and to receive. Get moo-ving and start your colourful Cow Parade collection today!
This piece will add a fun and quirky touch to any space.
Porto Alegre, Brazil 2010 – 2011

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