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Mughal Queen Playing Card

A beauteous adaptation of the ‘Queen’ playing card in vintage hues.

India Circus’ Neo-Nawab collection resurrects India’s golden dynasty and brings to you an enigmatic collection replete with strong Indian motifs. The collection references various emblems of the pre-historic era , such as its world renown intricate architecture, as well as it’s unapologetic opulence. The collection’s bright and vibrant luxury is tamed by its regal and sophisticated royal etiquette with abundance of glorious India.


Owl Coin Pouch

From rings, pendants to headbands, the Owls have taken over the fashion world.
Do you wear them because they stand for wisdom, because there is something intriguing about them or is it simply a fetish?
Whatever may be your reason, it is time to add the owl coin pouch from Chumbak to your collection.
Stay stylish, stay hypnotised. Buy here