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Meet Aishwarya

Aishwarya Balasubramanian (previously Aishwarya Narayanaswamy) is one of Chennai’s most popular Bharathnatyam dancers and the senior most student of renowned Guru Acharya Choodamani Smt. Anitha Guha.

Aishwarya Balasubramanian began her career early, as a five year old student and performer at Anitha Guha’s Bharathanjali, stunning audiences with her amazing grace, clarity of footwork and beauty of expression.

Over the years, with intense training, inherent commitment and a rigorous discipline, Aishwarya has evolved into a much sought after performing artiste, presenting across cultural organizations in India and overseas at premier dance festivals and prominent sabhas.

It is her precise technique; unending energy and flawless movements that makes Aishwarya shine in central roles in Bharatanjali’s dance ballets and thematic presentations. Rasikas are often thrilled by her sculpted poses and depth of abhinaya.

Titles like “Singar Mani”, “Nalanda Nritya Nipuna”, “Natya Chudar” that have been bestowed on Aishwarya are not just a reflection of her astonishing potential and promise but an acknowledgement of a dancer who leads her generation by setting exacting standards.

Marriage or child hasn’t come in Aishwarya’s way as she has now deeply engaged herself in not just performances but choreography, nattuvangam, music, theory of dance and teaching, while continuing to focus on the margam. “I feel happiest when I am dancing. Each performance deserves my best and I try to give it!”, says Aishwarya.

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India’s unfair obsession with lighter skin

The Dark is Beautiful campaign hopes to halt India’s huge appetite for skin whitening products, and has a new champion in film star Nandita Das who says, ‘‘Indians are very racist. There is so much pressure that perpetuates this idea that fair is the ideal…”

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Meet Shweta Ganesh Kumar

The bestselling author of two novels‘Coming Up On The Show’ and ‘Between The Headlines’. Canadian publishers Indireads released Shweta’s third book and first romance novella, ‘A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land,’ earlier this year.

Her monthly column, ‘Trippin With Shweta’ is a steady feature in the Indian magazine, ‘Travel and Flavours’.

In her past avatars, she has been a TV News correspondent with CNN-IBN and a Communications Officer at Greenpeace India. In her current avatar, she is a writer, mother, wife and traveler. Shweta currently lives in El Salvador, with her husband and one year old daughter.Find Shweta on Facebook